Bath Tea Making Kit (Free Shipping)

Bath Tea Making Kit

Make your very own no mess bath teas with this luxurious bath tea making kit including beneficial base ingredients, a beautiful selection of botanicals and everything you need to make your very own bath tea bags.  

Kit includes:

• 500g Oats

• 750 Epsom salts

• 350g Himalayan rock salt

• 1 x 40g Goats milk powder

• 2 x 10g Dried rose Petals

• 2 x 10g Dried lavender

• 2 x 10g Dried calendula Petals

• 2 x 5g Dried cornflower petals

• 2 x 10g Dried organic lemon balm

• 2 x 10g Dried chamomile flowers

• 20 x Bath tea bags

• 20 x Professionally printed bath tea labels

• 1 x Dropper for fragrance oils

• 3 x Body safe fragrance oils (Lavender, Lemon Scented Myrtle, Victorian Rose)

• Easy to follow step by step instructions including recipes to follow


You will need:

• Mixing bowl

• Spoon

• Measuring spoons

This kit is packaged in a beautiful floral Evoke Australia box making it the perfect gift.