Candle Making Kit White Tins with Silver Decals From $94.95 (FREE SHIPPING)

Make your very own candles with our easy to use candle making kit!

Add decals for a professional look and lovely gift

Kit includes:

• 1 x reusable gift box with magnetic lid and silver ribbon (optional)

• 1 x soy wax (high quality and easy to use)

• 5 x white travel tins with silver inside (200mls 28hr+ burn time)

• 5 x clear tealight cups,

• 5 x tealight wicks

• 5 x safety stickers,

• 5 x suitable size cotton wicks,

• 5 x wick tabs for easy wick positioning,

• 5 x wick holder

• 1 x thermometer

• 1 x stir stick

• 1 x microwave safe pouring jug

• 5 x silver decals for your candle tins (Dream, Relax, Enjoy, Wish, Love + transfer paper) 

• Decal instructions

• 5 x 18ml popular fragrances including: (Please choose 5 fragrances from the selection below, or let us choose a selection of popular fragrances for you. Please put a note at checkout with your selection (Sweet Lemongrass, Coconut Lime, Lotus Blossom, Vanilla Caramel, French Pear, Lavender, Peppermint and Eucalyptus, Thai Lime and Mango, Mango Papaya, Orange and Bergamot, Uplifting Essential Oil Blend, White Tea and Ginger, Passionfruit and Paw Paw, Black Raspberry Sugar, Champagne and Strawberries, Frangipani, Fresh Coffee, Ginger and Black Orchid, Black Raspberry and Vanilla, Simply Vanilla, Japanese Honeysuckle.).

• Step by step instructions

If fragrance oils are not listed at checkout a selection of popular fragrance oils will be included.

You will need:

  • Microwave oven or double boiler
  • Measuring scales

No Gift Box Option: Please note if you select this option your order will be packed directly in a brown Australia post mailing box.

Gift Box:
Fragrance Oils: