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Candle Making Refill Kit White Tins(Free Shipping)

Loved making candles as part of your candle making kit and want to make some more?  Try one of our refill candle making kits where you can make another 5 x 200ml candles with a 28 hour plus burn time.  Experiment with new fragrances and tins.  These beautiful matt white tins with lid will compliment any decore.

• 1 x 1kg soy wax (high quality and easy to use)

• 5 x white travel tins with silver inside (200mls 28hr+ burn time)

• 5 x safety stickers,

• 5 x suitable size cotton wicks,

• 5 x wick tabs for easy wick positioning,

• 5 x wick holder 

• 5 x 18ml popular fragrances including: (Please choose 5 fragrances from the selection below)


Please note: This is a refill kit only and does not include candle thermometer, wax jug, candle colour, stir stick or instructions. Please refer to candle making kits for a complete candle making kit.

Fragrance Option: