Soy Melt Making Kit (FREE SHIPPING)

Create your own gifts with this beautiful Soy Melt Making Kit!

Makes 15 soy melt containers 6 melts in each with a burn time of 70hours+ per container.

Make your own tea lights to use in your burner and create a wonderful fragrance in your home.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x 1kg Soy wax (high quality and easy to use)
  • 15 x soy melt moulds
  • 5 x clear tea light cups
  • 5 x tea light wicks
  • 15 x professionally printed labels (Choice of fragrance type)
  • 5 x 18ml fragrances (Choice of fragrance type)
  • 3 x colour chips
  • 1 x thermometer
  • 1 x stir stick
  • 1 x Pouring jug with narrow spout for easy pouring
  • BONUS Ceramic oil/melt burner (Style may vary depending on availability)
  • Easy to follow instructions
Fragrance Option: