Tins, Tabs, Wicks & Safety Labels Pack

Don't waste time trying to find the right wick for your candle!

We have done the hard work for you!
•10 x 150 ml tins including 10 x correct size wicks, 10 x safety labels, 10 x wick tabs and 10 x holders to hold wick in place.

Size: 7.2cmD x 4.3cm Deep x 4.85cmH Approx Volume: 150mls

Our seamless travel tins have an added safety precaution the Raised Bottom of these containers keeps a cushion of air beneath the container reducing direct heat to the surface that the travel candle is sitting on.

•The solid lids have a Raised Top and fit one on top of each other when packed on shelves and this will reduce scratching.
•The raised lid makes it easy to add a label.