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Evoke Australia

Coloured beeswax sheets 12 pack includes wick cord

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They are a creative and fun way to make your own unique candles. With these sheets, you can easily cut, roll, and shape your candles into any design you desire. The possibilities are endless with beeswax candle sheets!

12 x beeswax sheets 20cm x 13.5cm each

(2x red, 2 x green, 2 x purple, 2 x pink, 2 x ivory, 2 natural)

Includes 2 sheets of natural Australian beeswax sheets 20cm x 13.5cm.  These smell amazing.

Includes 3m wick cord 

Please note this does not include instructions.  Coloured beeswax candle-making kit with instructions sold separately.

Colours may vary slightly due to different computer monitors.

At Evoke Australia we pride ourselves in delivering a high quality product using only the best supplies available to ensure your creations turn out beautifully.

Please note there is labelling legislation in place for the selling of soap and cosmetics.  Evoke Australia is a supplier of raw materials and is in no way responsible for the finished product or the labelling of these finished products.   It is the individuals responsibility to check the current labelling laws if they decide to sell or retail the end products.