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Evoke Australia

21 Ply cotton wick cord 1 metre

21 Ply cotton wick cord 1 metre

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Lead free Australian cotton wick cord.


21 ply plaited Australian cotton wick cord suitable for small candles melt pool up to 6cm diameter.

The recommendations for each wick are based on our test burns. Due to many variations, we suggest these as a guide only. Please test all your candles prior to selling or making large runs.  

These recommendations are made with respect to Ecosoya pillar wax.

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At Evoke Australia we pride ourselves in delivering a high quality product using only the best supplies available to ensure your creations turn out beautifully.

Please note there is labelling legislation in place for the selling of soap and cosmetics.  Evoke Australia is a supplier of raw materials and is in no way responsible for the finished product or the labelling of these finished products.   It is the individuals responsibility to check the current labelling laws if they decide to sell or retail the end products.