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Double Boiler for Candle Making & Soap Making

Double Boiler for Candle Making & Soap Making

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Double boiler 

Create candles and soaps with ease using this double boiler. This double boiler provides a stable, consistent heat for melting wax and soap by providing temperature control for creating scented candles and soaps.  Prevents burning and scorching of soap base and wax.

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Pack includes:


  •  2800ml outer stainless steel pot can touch the naked flame so it can be used on gas and electric stovetops.

  • Insulated spatula 

To use a double boiler for candle/ soap making:

  1. Fill the outer pot with water and place the wax in the top/ inner pot.
  2. Set the pot over low heat and wait for the wax/ soap to melt. Once the wax/ soap is melted, you can add fragrance or color and pour it into molds.
  3. Keep an eye on the soap base /wax while it melts, as it can quickly become too hot if left unattended.

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At Evoke Australia we pride ourselves in delivering a high quality product using only the best supplies available to ensure your creations turn out beautifully.

Please note there is labelling legislation in place for the selling of soap and cosmetics.  Evoke Australia is a supplier of raw materials and is in no way responsible for the finished product or the labelling of these finished products.   It is the individuals responsibility to check the current labelling laws if they decide to sell or retail the end products.