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Madder root powder 10g

Madder root powder 10g

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When used in white melt and pour, madder root powder gives a range of pink hues. In clear melt and pour, madder root powder results in more orange, deep red tones. Both are beautiful, rich colours. 

If you want to use your madder root powder in melt-and-pour soap the quantity you use will vary the colour considerably. Mix your selected amount with 3 times the volume with isopropyl alcohol (eg. 1 teaspoon of madder root to 3 teaspoons alcohol) and mix well to dissipate any clumping. Add the slurry to your choice of melted clear or white melt, pour base, and mix well.

Botanical name: Rubia tinctorium
Origin : Pakistan
Plant part: Root
CAS No: 84650-16-8

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